Friday, February 17, 2017

What Makes You Happy? I know what makes me happy.  If you were asked to come up with a list of your top 25, what would make your list?  Take time to create your list and then review it to see if you are doing the things that make you happy.  If not, figure out why and design a plan to do the things that bring you joy.  #happy

1.  Seeing my children happy.
2.  Seeing my family supporting each other.
3.  Exercising.
4.  Making progress on projects and goals.
5.  Helping a friend.
6.  Traveling to new places.
7.  Learning new material.
8.  Delivering an awesome speech or/and workshop.
9.  Lifting up another person.
10. Eating something satisfying.
11.  Having the house clean and organized.
12. Surprising others with random acts of kindness.
13.  Being pleasantly surprised.
14.  Praying on time.
15.  Cuddling with my hubby or/and kids.
16.  Seeing my children achieve.
17.  My own achievements.
18.  Witnessing compassion.
19.  Receiving a radiant smile.
20.  Feeling appreciated.
21.  Resting when I'm exhausted.
22.  Paying off any debt.
23.  Reading.
24.  Teaching about Palestine.
25.  Engaging in a great conversation.

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