Saturday, February 25, 2017

My Message in a Bottle:

When asked to write a message in a bottle, this is what came to mind:

My message in a bottle includes many useful reminders.

Live a life of gratitude and continue to learn.  Doing so will help you appreciate more, forgive more and enjoy life more. 

Share what you learn. Be a river, and pour your new knowledge and experience into others.

Increase your personal initiative.  Understanding that it's up to you to take action, you don't need permission to be helpful.  Do more than you're doing.  Challenge yourself to be more and do more.  Be action driven!

Pay attention to others around you.  Increase your awareness. 

Be an encourager- Take the time to smile and uplift others. Don't wait for the other person to greet you or smile, take the lead.  Inspire others to go higher.

Ask for help and don't forget to offer to help.  I have a friend that is excellent at offering to help, she has taught me to do the same.  Thank you Simone.  Keep this top of mind "How may I help?"

Use power phrases, not dangerous phrases.  There is a big difference when we reply with "my pleasure" vs "no problem".  My pleasure is so much richer and welcoming.

Don't be overly sensitive - check yourself when you begin to takes things personal or assume things because of the voice in your head or misinterpretation.

Discipline yourself, even when you are not in the mood.

Stay physically active - your health is key.  Exercise also keeps you smarter.

Recognize others and share the spotlight.  Realize you can't win all the time, look for the blessing.

Generosity of heart, mind and resources.  Be abundant minded not scarcity minded.

It starts with intent, have a mindset of sincerity in work.  

Connect with God and practice grace.  Protect and cherish your family.  Value others, connect with friends. Enjoy humor and maintain your energy.  Let your word be golden.

What would your message be?

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  1. This was a wonderful, short read that came on the heels of me watching, Message in A Bottle, again and it made me reflect on your questions and what my message would be. It might be something like this. "If you're reading this you've just pulled me from the ocean, cleaned the sand off, and uncorked me hoping to find the answers you are looking for. Looking for a place to start. What is the meaning of life? You will not find any of that in me but in you. You started your journey with your very first breath years ago. Each experience you have enjoyed or endured has had a purpose in leading you to this point in time. You are a unique, one of a kind, priceless work of art created by the Master of the Universe and in His image. My message to you is not to start because you already have. Not to wish you could change the past but to learn from it and the learning process never ends. You are the message in a bottle and my message to you? Share the gift of you and be grateful for the journey.