Tuesday, October 1, 2013

You Can Be So Cool!

Here is what I know. People consistently under value themselves and their abilities.

A good technique to get someone to understand a message is in how you explain it and how you frame it. So here it is, imagine you are making a movie about your lifestyle and how you implemented a series of steps to improve your lifestyle, you have enriched your days and nights. Describe what it is you are doing.
Here are a few simple, simple suggestions. If this makes you think and then makes you move, then WOW! It was worth the few minutes you invested in reading this column.

Here is my submission to the producer for consideration. It begins with awareness then intention, followed by commitment. Once we become aware that we want a lifestyle that we love, we need to make the intention to do the things that will give us the life we want. Desire and commitment are very different. Commitment gives you power and purpose. Desire is where you do things when they are convenient, commitment is a binding

My first step is when I go to sleep is to thank God for the day and make the statement that with God’s grace tomorrow is going to be a great day. When I wake up, I’ m going to do my morning prayer, then I am going to verbalize that awesome things are going to happen today. It’s important for me to say it and hear myself saying it, so the angels hear it (I believe in angels), many of you know this as an affirmation and some of you may have an affirmation coach or partner. I will include a daily routine of stretching, followed by a cup of coffee and checking emails and social media. Sometimes I will watch a few minutes of news. My routine includes meeting a trainer (if no trainer, than develop a workout or go on a morning jog/walk). A refreshing shower followed by a small breakfast, then it’s time to get some work done. For some it’s going to be leaving to an actual office, for others it’s work from home.

Let’s brainstorm on things we can do to lift up our lives, simple techniques we can include. We want to create a lifestyle that we love regardless of where we are right now (divorced, unemployed, etc). Understanding that happiness creates success and not the reverse. Let’s move our life forward.

Water, I have become more aware and more attracted to the importance of water. Make yourself comfortable so you want to exercise. Begin with a small or light commitment. Meditation or positive self talk. Look at the challenges as opportunities, develop self control, this creates peace of mind. Cultivate happiness! How? By finding ways to be part of something bigger than yourself. Did you know that happy people are more productive, more healthy, more sociable and more likable. Act happy!
Treat yourself kindly and embrace vulnerability. Open up to tenderness. Use catchphrases that can change your behavior. (“Do nothing, go nowhere” or “Always say hello”, or “patience”). Focus on continuous improvement, go to seminars, learn new skills intentionally. Invite silence into your routine and practice spirituality. These small steps can help you live in joy and gratitude.

See you next time at a Moment with Manal.