Monday, September 13, 2021

COVID-19 Has Changed Everything


COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on our lives and changed everything!  We went from a booming economy to great uncertainty in what felt like a blink of an eye. We have seen illness, death, job loss, social unrest, increased anxiety, and a loss of normalcy in our lives. Let’s face it, we are all grieving over many things, including the sense of security many thought we possessed. This is the truth of it - the only things we can control are our own reactions and attitudes to what is put before us! 

As we start to wind down in 2021 and set our mind to a better 2022, I think we should seek to live out the universal commandment to love others.  The golden rule says, to treat each other as one wants to be treated. It is a maxim that is found in almost every religion and culture. 

No matter your faith perspective, there are seven key concepts to this principle:  to be patient, kind, trusting, truthful, unselfish, forgiving, and dedicated.  In this article I would like to explore three that are most needed right now:  being patient, kind, and trusting.   

It seems in 2021, we have lost our ability to have constructive conversations with those of opposing views and opinions.  This is a troubling trend. Disagreement does not have to equal conflict. With our words, we have the power to stop the negative dialogue offline and online. Let’s return to constructive dialogue. Remember to listen more and talk less. Engage in discussions that seek the truth, always try to find common ground, and in the end, be respectful.  

COVID is just downright depressing most of the time. Be more encouraging to family, friends, and those around us. You can do this by writing notes of encouragement or saying kind words for others. In turn, this kindness will impact you as well.

Years like 2021 make it harder to trust.  It is harder to trust our government leaders, to trust the future of our society, and to trust our own judgment. If you struggle with trust or having hope in the future, try to keep a broad viewpoint. I would encourage us all to remember there have been many times in history that seemed to have little hope. And yet, the world went back to thriving again. We will too.

Put patience, kindness, and trust into action in your life. 



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