Saturday, June 6, 2015

Staying Power

What you know today is what matters most. The past is a great predictor of your future success and the future is unknown, so all anyone really has is the moment they presently live in. Leadership today could be gone tomorrow. To remain a leader in your field - even if it is a field you created and have dominated for years- you must be careful not to rest (too long) on your laurels. Past accomplishments are worthy of appreciation, however, noteworthy accomplishments are made every day. It is increasingly common to get lost in the barrage of 140- character messages that constantly stream or pop into our social hemisphere, bringing people all across the globe together. Also take into account that the world is full of innovators and YouTube geniuses committed to making existing inventions, products and services better; yours and mine are included. 

For example, Atari was the great personal gaming invention of the 70s and 80s. Besides Donkey Kong and Pac Man, one of the most popular Atari games, Pong, was set against a black background that allowed the player to hit a tiny white ball back and forth as if playing ping pong but on a computer screen. It was amazing for its time! But what if computer games had stopped there. Thank God they didn't because now we have games that teach us to dance, play instruments, and crush candy all within the palm of our hands.

Again, leaders must resist the status quo because people’s minds are never static. Something new is always being created. To remain relevant and not become a relic far before time, today’s leaders must invest in R &D. Keep up with trends. Become the trendsetter and discover ways to stay on top.

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