Sunday, April 12, 2015

Pass the Ball!

There is something you can do to offset the negative energy of those who are not happy about your success. If you have been so overly focused on your career or financial goals it could be that your peers are jealous because they have not seen your brilliance benefiting anyone but you! People need to see you take an interest in them and others. I mean as magnificent as the leading scorer is to watch, he becomes boring and causes internal conflict when he doesn't pass the ball. As a result, his team-mate might become uninterested in him and the game. Kobe Bryant had to learn this. It happens off the court as well. Though, high producers bring many benefits to their organization, they do have the ability to focus so heavily on themselves that they destroy the relationships around them.  

By building up others you in turn are built up. It’s a strange concept, not natural to mankind, for the forces in this global economy encourage us to seek our own success and wealth, first, and then and only then, should we give “back” to others. There is a sense of superiority in that natural world-view that could be misconstrued; therefore, I challenge you to help others now, regardless of your current status. You always have something to give to someone less fortunate than you. Instead of reaching back, take someone with you. Become a mentor to those who are not as connected or assertive or talented as you are. Imagine not only getting the promotion but being able to take your entire team with you, and duplicating your production in a brand new environment and moreover, teaching your team to do what you did for them. Pass the ball. The results here can be life long.

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