Thursday, October 16, 2014

Examine Your Motives

Motives matter. I have heard this story several times about a woman who writes this endearing love letter to a former beau. The words are flowery and seem to be heartfelt as the woman confesses her guilt for breaking off their relationship. On the surface the letter denotes a sincere woman who desires to rekindle a relationship with the man of her dreams. However hidden deeply in the recesses of the writer’s opportunistic heart is the true story, the backstory. The former beau has recently won millions in the lottery. Hmmm... Not so honest is she?

The motivation behind our leadership matters as well. Why do we want that particular role? Why do we yearn for success? Are our motives good or selfish? Ask the tough questions because it does matter whether we lead like Batman, and we want to make the world a better place or whether we lead like the Joker, motivated only by greed, power, and revenge. Why? Because, followers duplicate our good or bad efforts, and because wrongly motivated leadership will eventually lead to horrible outcomes, or worst, jail time. As the stories go, and it is always true, good always wins in the end.

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