Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Innovation via Reinvention

A popular term these days as that of reinventing yourself. If you were to pose the question, “Would you like to reinvent yourself?” You may get a 90% affirmative response. Many of the greatest companies continue to do this. Some good examples of companies that had the intention to do one thing, but found the greater opportunity in going a different direction include some of the most well known companies.
Did you know Flicker started out as an on-line game start up? One of the engineers started a picture saving feature that moved it into it’s current state and scraped the game idea. How about Twitter? Twitter was started as a small group internal SMS company and communication tool. When it went public, it’s success far exceeded it’s expectations and it became it’s own company. 
Another great example of a company that continues to reinvent itself is the powerhouse, Nike! It went from shoe distribution to a lifestyle company. More recently it became more community focused through it’s Nike plus, where you can track your training, connect with others, and share your progress. What Nike did, was continue to evolve, stay current and significant by incorporating athletic activity, mobile technology, and social networking. When the economy was down, Nike continued to show growth and now owns as much as 50% of the athletic shoe market.

The message today is to inspire you to continue to reinvent your company or to dedicate time to your personal reinvention. Personal development and investment in oneself ranks so high in my world, that it helped me reinvent myself as a success coach, thus launching Fakhoury Leadership International. A company dedicated to personal development and growth through training, coaching and consulting. The
simple idea of tiding a small percentage of 5 or 10% to help others and to help yourself will be the fuel for your continued success. In the business arena, a well-known term is ROI (Return on Investment); industry leaders in the area of personal development will tell you that for every dollar you invest in developing yourself, you will receive a return X30. That is what you will add to your bottom line. Invest in the best knowledge, the best mentoring and the best programs.

Reinventing oneself begins with identifying your unique strengths. We all have them! Ask yourself, what do you do better than anyone else? What excites and exhilarates you? What are you willing to fight for? You may find your passion in the fight. If you are not familiar with the mirror principle, it’s a good principle to adopt. Examine yourself first. The first person I must know is myself. Human nature is that it’s easier to
see someone else’s problems or weaknesses. It is much better to know yourself. The lid on people’s relationships is with their own self image. Self honesty is powerful and is the key to moving forward. Your life will continue to unfold, if you want bigger outcomes and bigger results, I recommend you continue to invest in yourself and it may mean reinvent yourself.

All change begins with you, not with circumstances. Again, all change begins with you!

See you next time on a Moment with Manal.