Monday, July 1, 2013

I want to share a recent experience that will be longstanding and will serve as an example of great customer service as well as talking the talk and walking the walk. 

I was recently planning to go through a certification program to learn a powerful formula for positive change. When I received the call that the certification program was cancelled in Florida, and was being scheduled the following month in Kansas City, I let it be known that did not work for me and I was more than disappointed. I requested to speak with the instructor of the program, M.K. Mueller.

M.K. Mueller, gets it! She proceeded to offer to fly me to Kansas City, asked me when I could come, and made arrangements for my stay and transportation. It wasn't until after I arrived and the training started when M.K. began the course by introducing me to the class and stating "The reason we are all here is because of Manal." 

You see M.K. Mueller realized how disappointed I was that the Florida training was being rescheduled, she knew that I had the intention to share this material internationally and timing was important. She came through and was creative enough to put together a mastery training weekend, bringing back certified trainers for a higher level training, which was of great benefit for my certification.

Wow! Do you think I will ever forget that? Do you think I'm going to tell anyone about the great service I received? 

Let me proceed to share with you this powerful process known as 8 to Great. It includes 8 highways. Before I share the highways, let me share the power pyramid. Is power good? The answer is yes! If you think about it, one of the worst feelings is when we feel powerless. If we are at the bottom of the pyramid, we are at 5, meaning we are giving 95% of our power away. Our thoughts are negative (helpless, depressed, hopeless, powerless). If we are at the top of the pyramid we are at 95, which means 95% of our thoughts are positive (joy, gratitude, love, hope, enthusiasm, power). The good news is we can move from 5 to 95 in no time at all by what we choose to think about and focus on. 

What we want to remember is simply: when we feel good, good things happen! Rather than worry and complain, we can think about gratitude. It is not selfish to take care of one's self.

I will share the 8 highways for positive change in future columns. For now, just understand the power pyramid, and the concept of not giving your power away. Your most important job is to take care of yourself.

See you next time at a Moment with Manal with gratitude to M.K. Mueller.